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At forty, Carl has built himself a successful life and has everything other men would kill for. His wife, Leanne is drop dead gorgeous. What;s more, she is really submissive and will do anything to keep him happy. He has a couple of lovely kids, a big house and a fast car, all fueled by the job he loves doing. Carl's big regret though is that he's never had a virgin. When their lovely babysitter, eighteen year old Sian reveals that she desperate to lose her virginity, it all comes together!


'Leanne had done a fantastic job on the seafood linguine as usual. Carl tucked in and ate about twice as much as the two women combined, as they sipped on their white wine. The dinner table conversation started innocuously enough with the normal chit chat about work, college and holidays. They had a good talk about Sian’s studies and what her career aspirations were. After a glass or two of wine though, Leanne somehow managed to turn the banter deftly towards their young guest’s sex life.

“So, what’s the furthest you’ve ever been with a man, sweetheart,” she began.

Sian looked slightly embarrassed but had no problem with an answer....

“....My,” laughed Leanne. “You are in for a treat.”

The conversation cooled down a little as they enjoyed a delicious crème brulée, burned at the table by Leanne with her special little blow torch. When they had all finished, Leanne started to clear the table and Sian followed her into the kitchen.

“This is it, babe,” Leanne cooed. “Are you ready for it?”

“Oh God,” Sian gushed. “I’m so horny. “Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Mind!” Exclaimed the hostess. “You have no idea!”'

Fiction & Literature
October 26
Erotic Dreams
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