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Poppy has one goal—not to use her goddess magic for two weeks. How hard can it be? 

Poppy Faiten, one of the four goddesses of Fate, was stoked to leave town and pretend to be a human for two weeks. The lack of responsibility thrilled her—until Slade LaMont walked into the diner where she was working. Holy moly. Waves of lust and yearning swamped her. But how could that be? A goddess of Fate was supposed to help other mates stay together, not have one herself. But here he was, so thank you, Fate. This dragon shifter was out of this world hot—and she was determined to land him.

Slade took one look at Poppy and fell into instant lust. It didn’t matter his dragon was convinced she was the one for him. He didn’t believe in mates. Besides, he didn’t have time for one. He had a hotel to build—a hotel that might make Poppy walk away.  

January 15
Erotic Reads Publishing
Jean Mason

Customer Reviews

Racy Carr ,


I have not found one book that I have read of this authors that I have not fell in love with. I am excited to read stories about the sisters of fate. I have always found these 4 sisters very interesting and very mysterious. In this series we will get to learn more about them.

I found it very interesting how different these four sisters are. I loved Poppy. She was so sweet, caring, and funny. I also found it funny they had decided to pretend to be human while on vacation. That means no magic.

Slade was a yummy dragon shifter who did not believe in fate. How funny is that. Slade had a good heart and really cared for the town he lived in. He also was very wealthy and because of this he had to watch out for gold diggers.

I loved Poppy and Slade’s first meet. I laughed so hard at the situation. There was several funny things that happened in this story but there was also a lot of heated moments as well. Trust me when i say the author does not disappoint.

We get to learn a lot about Poppy and I truly loved that.

I would also like to say I loved Slade’s best friend Jace in the story and truly hope we will get to see a book about him later on. I found Jace freaking yummy.

Great super duper book!!! ,


This was short and boring. Not as detailed, character growth or twists

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