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Port Hope Simpson Clues

Series Title: Port Hope Simpson Mysteries
Vol 4
Llewelyn Pritchard
Smashwords Edition
Copyright 2010 Llewelyn Pritchard
If you like solving puzzles and getting to grips with a real mystery why not join Llewelyn as he penetrates into the fascinating, murky and sordid past history of Port Hope Simpson, a coastal logging town on the east coast of wilderness Canada as he uncovers a great deal more than he bargained for?
For example, at least 6 apparent evidence discrepancies cast serious doubt about the truthfulness of a Tombstone's inscription (still standing in The Town today as a Family Memorial to events that are still not really talked about openly...for whatever reason by the recent ancestors of the deceased - to Arthur Eric Williams 27 years Welshman and his infant daughter Erica D'Anitoff Williams, grand-daughter of Russian Count D'Anitoff.
What really happened on one horrific night when the innocent three and a half year old infant girl and her 27 year old father died in most suspicious, acrimonious circumstances in the early hours of 3 February 1940 in a fire that burnt down their timber Company House in Port Hope Simpson, Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada?
Eric, as he was known, was the eldest son of John Osborne Williams, owner of the Labrador Development Company Ltd logging company that operated in Port Hope Simpson from 1934 - 1941.
He was sent out by his father to report on problems and issues particularly to do with the Company Store in Port Hope Simpson run by local Manager Keith Yonge...but he never returned.
Was he was made to pay for the purported sins of his father?
A Public Enquiry into the Affairs of the Labrador Development Company Ltd. was conducted in 1941.
The results only became UK Government "Open Papers" in 1996.
Maybe that says it all?
The true cause of their deaths is still not yet established.
Let's look for any relevant clues within for example, ‘The Times’ newspapers, London, England from 1934-39 whose articles also offer touches of humour; many different historical insights into the period under scrutiny including “The Crusaders” views of the Dominion of Government, certain Commissioners being recalled to London at crucially important times in context of the 2 deaths; surveying work of the Labrador coast as well as letters from the legendary Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell K.C., who was very angry with Sir John Hope Simpson, but was that only about another matter?

This book is dedicated to obtaining justice for Erica D’Anitoff Williams, three and a half years and her young father Arthur Eric Williams, 27 years who died in their Labrador Development Company home, Port Hope Simpson, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada in acrimonious, suspicious circumstances in the early hours of 3 February 1940. The R.C.M.P (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Serious Crimes Unit, Gander, Newfoundland in 2002, opened up their own investigation about the deaths. If you know anything at all about what happened please do not hesitate in contacting your local RCMP detachment or the police force of jurisdiction in your area. If you live outside Canada, please contact your local police service and ask them to make a request for assistance from the appropriate Canadian law enforcement agency. The main RCMP website address is http:/www.rcmp.ca or Email me!

October 19
Llewelyn Pritchard
Smashwords, Inc.

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