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Portfolio book for Nicole Fortugno, a graphic designer.

Artist Bio:

Hi, I'm Nikki Fortugno and I am a graphic designer living in West Palm Beach, Florida.

You're probably wondering, what does "Kumo" mean? Well it was a nickname I acquired in high school, I continued to use it for every time I signed my name to my art and it just stuck! The literal meaning of Kumo is cloud in Japanese. To me it's a goal. I want to make my designs go above and beyond what clients expect out of me, their graphic designer; I want to reach the clouds and higher for them!

I am currently working as a freelance graphic designer. I major in print design but also dabble a little in web design and produce my own photography in my free time. I am a current student at Digital Media Arts College majoring in graphic design. I've always had a passion for creating art even from a young age and it became only stronger as I entered High school. I joined the web design program at Inlet Grove Community High school for about 2 years and then decided to enter the commercial art classes they offered instead. There I learned how to use Photoshop, and Illustrator, and to expand my artwork to include spray painting, carving, moulding, and painting. Together all these skills I learned how to combine certain aspects of my art to create even more amazing works! From hands on projects to computer screens, to everything else, I developed a love for the arts and decided it would have to be my career path, so here I am, learning more and more everyday and creating graphics clients and everyone else can enjoy!

I have a strong passion for design that makes me want to always try something new and tinker around with certain techniques. I'm proud to say 'I love what I do.'

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June 25
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Great work!

Nikki's portfolio is a great example of her talent and expertise.