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You can change who you are by changing what you say when you talk to your mind.  Just be sure you are speaking in a language that your mind understands.

In my work as a flying doctor, I examine patients on Indian reservations in the American southwest.  When I speak to them in English, sometimes they don’t understand a word I say.  The reason is because they speak the Apache language, and unfortunately, I don’t speak Apache. Although I can communicate in Arabic, French, Spanish, and English, it doesn’t matter how many languages I speak, if I don’t speak the right language, no communication occurs.  The same is true with your mind.

Your brain speaks to you in its own language, and if you speak to it in the same way, it immediately responds in a powerful fashion.  That’s why change proceeds most rapidly when you talk to yourself using the language of the mind.

Too many people talk to their brain using a language it does not understand.  If you don’t speak the language of the mind, you may as well stop talking until you learn it. 

The three most powerful components of the language of the mind are images, sounds, and emotions.

Take a minute and listen to the thoughts running through your mind.  What do you hear?

When I do this exercise, I see pictures of my dreams on the motion picture screen of my mind. I hear the sound of my dreams, and I feel their motivating power. The torrent of sounds, pictures, and emotions are nothing less than the language of the mind in all its power and glory.   That is exactly what happens when my brain talks to me about my dreams.

When my brain wants to get my attention, it does not send a text or an email. It blows me away with sights, sounds, and emotions.  If you want to get your brain’s attention, you need to do the same thing. Send a message full of sights, sounds, and emotions.  Start speaking the language that your mind understands.

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December 17
Positive Thinking Network LLC
Positive Thinking Network LLC

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