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Are you plagued by negative thinking, indecision and guilt? Would you like to transform your life with positive thinking skills and effective stress management and eliminate negative self-talk? Have no fear, this is not your typical self-help book. This is a collection of practical, down to earth tips and techniques gleaned from psychology and philosophy that can help you transform your thoughts and actions from failure to success. Learn how your brain actually works and the processes that control your thoughts, actions and emotions. You will learn that it is very easy to rewire your brain and gain new levels of motivation and self-confidence. Replace self-doubt and sadness with self-esteem and happiness. You will also discover that the meaning of life is no big deal after all.

September 14
Marcus Freestone
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Yasserovic ,

It makes you think. Like it!

I love the idea of how this book is written

Kenroy 43 ,

good reading

The Book in itself made good reading, but his conclusion was a disappointment to me as my conclusion to life is a bit different.

But he being an Atheist i can understand his thinking but let ask ourselves this question, why do we all go through the same struggle mentally.

and lets conclude by asking ourselves how did everything humane come about and in the same natural form without some higher being.

OniiiAbC ,

What a joke

I wouldn't give it any stars but as we know, at least one is required. All he's doing in the book is imposing HIS thinking on others. As if HIS thinking is proper and has no faults. He's dismissing any possibilities of what can be as if he knows. Plus there is a ton of grammatical errors. This book is a joke and so is he.

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