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If you love J. S. Scott and Helen Cooper, don’t miss Laura Marie Altom’s Shamed series! Ella Patton and Liam Stone return in Possess, the breathtaking conclusion to the steamy, contentious love affair that began in Control.
Will you marry me? Those four little words should be a dream come true. But for Ella Patton, they’re the start of a waking nightmare. For despite the insatiable desire she feels for Liam Stone, marriage is out of the question—not that she doesn’t want to . . . but because she can’t. Liam has taught her that love doesn’t need a document to secure commitment. Marriage is more than a piece of paper, so why can’t he be happy the way things are?
Liam has hit a brick wall. His fortune can’t buy Ella’s freedom, though that won’t stop him from having her. Liam didn’t become a billionaire by not pursuing what he wanted. Together they face the demons from her past, but above all they have one force greater than money and influence on their side: love. Will that be enough for them to overcome the obstacles and possess the life they both long for as husband and wife?

May be read as a series or separately.

Praise for Possess
“Emotional, passionate, engaging . . . Liam and Ella are a couple to root for. Readers who loved Control will devour Possess in one sitting!”—Stacey Kennedy, USA Today bestselling author of Desired
“Well written and detailed with characters you aren’t likely to forget, Possess was a terrific story that took me from the highs of undeniable love to the lows of human depravity to the richness and rightness of what life can be for characters desperately needing a happily ever after.”—Written Love

“The author puts you ‘on your toes’ for most of this book with the ex-husband coming back into the scene and finding Ella. What happens next is a series of events that will curl your toes.”—Sportochick’s Musings
“Talk about a roller coaster, this book took Ella and Liam through the wringer!”—Saved by Suspense
“This book grabbed hold of me and refused to let go. I lived Ella and Liam’s life, I felt the pain and loss and love. I loved the first book but amazingly this book was better. An easy five stars from me.”—Gemma Reads Too Many Books For It to Be Normal
“One word of warning . . . You will become addicted to this book!”—Brit Nanny Reads

Praise for Control
“Touching, sad, sweet, and sexy, Control will have you cheering for Ella and Liam right up to the end. Then you’ll start counting the days until we get to find out how their story really ends. Or begins.”—Laura Drewry, USA Today bestselling author of Prima Donna
Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

December 23
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Customer Reviews

@LisaHines711 ,

Review: Shamed #2: Possess

Possess by Laura Marie Altom is the second book in her Shamed series.

Picking up right where the first book, Control, left off, the story builds up speed heading towards an inevitable showdown between the happy new couple (Ella and Liam) and Ella's hopefully soon-to-be-ex husband.

The pivotal, dramatic point in the story is so well-written I was practically fuming at my e-reader. Blaine is the worst kind of person and the hopelessness that Ella felt, I felt.

A romance that has bound you so tightly to the main characters that you can't help getting absorbed in every page to the detriment of life outside the pages.

I am very eager to read more in this series.

glhince ,

those who can’t live without the billionaire / damsel in distress would be sure to like this.

I usually don’t have an issue jumping into series, but this book does not work well if you haven’t read the first. In short, Ella had a bad relationship and is still not quite ready for a new one, but along came Liam. Billionaire, utterly in love with her, and completely out of the question.

What I can do is comment to this particular story, and what I read, despite feeling as if I had gaping holes in my ability to understand the backstory.

Ella was, for me, not as well-developed as she should have been. She was very immature and prone to over-dramatizing everything, I think this was an attempt to show trepidation and fear about her abusive husband. I couldn’t find a way to connect with her at all, even with applying full understanding of her history of abuse. Adding in yet another secret was coals to Newcastle for me – too much, and not necessary: there was enough tension and ‘what next’ from the situation as it stood.

Liam – I seriously do not understand this “billionaire’ craze in romance, it’s tired and overplayed, and just because someone has money doesn’t mean they have anything else to offer. And I found nothing in Liam to like, he was also immature, childish and so far from powerful and strong that he felt more like a caricature to me than a character.

I was curious about just how much would be added, and while I didn’t feel compelled to get an answer, the journey was okay – not great, not horrible, but certainly not feeling as solidly built as it should have been. There are those who can’t live without the billionaire / damsel in distress stories, and they would be sure to like this.

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via Loveswept for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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