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Made exclusively for iBooks, Post Script offers you a literary and cinematic experience like no other. Watch as an independent film production unfolds through a curated collage of words, sounds, and images—taking you deep into the creative process. Starting from the first e-mail conversations between novelist Leah Hager Cohen and director Patrick Wang (In the Family), witness the novel The Grief of Others find life as a film.

“Behind-the-scenes” books are typically produced after a film is completed. They focus on what happened. Rarely are they able to communicate how something happened. This book focuses on how to navigate the blank canvas, how the many different voices involved in making a film search out the interesting questions.

An experiment in digital literature, Post Script shows the reader the expansive world of moviemaking through an intimate window, pointing out inspiring discoveries big and small, and sharing the experience and excitement of not knowing what happens next.

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October 25
In the Family LLC
In the Family LLC

Customer Reviews

Andrew van den Houten ,

Independent Cinema Nude.

Patrick Wang's first film "In the Family" was one of the most impressive directorial debuts of the last decade. He not only displayed a refined and meaningful vision as a director but also an incredible ability to tell a story as a writer and actor. This new book following his sophomore undertaking makes naked the entire process of how an independent film is made under the direction of an up-and-coming master. In a beautifully put together multimedia presentation Wang teaches and teases the excitement of truly raw independent cinema. This book should be read by cinephiles, filmmakers, film students and certainly anybody passionate about the creative process. Bravo on a truly innovative new approach in sharing the creative process!

Skyguy76 ,

Stream of filmmaking

A film begins with the written word so why not a behind-the-scenes examination of the filmmaking? And as the film becomes more than words so has/will this "book." That is the promise that I'm excited and invested in, but I'm even jealous that I'm just one step removed from the GRIEF OF OTHERS filmmaking process as it happens now.