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Is it really possible to get your body back after pregnancy?  

Yes, it most certainly is.  This is not just another book filled with empty promises.

The Truth About Baby Weight is the result of one Mom’s fierce determination to get her body back after a long, frustrating Postpartum weight loss journey.  It contains thousands of hours of research into the Postpartum body as it pertains to weight loss and reveals the crucial components that must be addressed in order for a woman’s body to return to its original state (or better).  

99% of women struggle with baby weight on some level.  They cannot seem to lose the last few pounds, regardless of their serious efforts.  Holly Doss, the author of The Truth About Baby Weight, leading Los Angeles Life Transformation Coach and Mom, was obsessed with learning the reasons why and if that has to be the accepted fate of nearly every Postpartum body.

Years of research later, Holly made sure this book contains the answers every Mom wants to know.  

From the kitchen to the bathroom, it’s all here, and it will all get you your body back.


• Which breakthrough supplements most encourage Postpartum weight loss
• The most common Postpartum food intolerances
• The jaw dropping vitamins & minerals that treat Postpartum water retention
• Which unsuspecting foods, drinks and ingredients melt baby weight
• The undying lies about baby weight & the facts that set them straight
• Which exercise is proven to burn Postpartum fat over all the rest
• The cleanse Hollywood Moms (secretly) use for Postpartum constipation

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  There are countless of Postpartum topics covered, all backed by science and resourceful information. 

You don't need another plan, product or contraption to get your body back.  You need immediate guidance so that you can get your body back or the one of your dreams. 

That’s exactly what The Truth About Baby Weight delivers.

Health, Mind & Body
February 24
HD Enterprises, LLC
Holly Doss, Inc.

Customer Reviews

head tart ,

The Truth About Baby Weight

This book is fantastic. I'm 4 years postpartum and in pretty good shape, but have those nagging last few pounds keeping me just on the wrong side of feeling great. I've read a lot of nutrition/health books and this one is THE BEST. I didn't get bogged down in technical stuff, instead, I got a great education about some basic working principles of my body quickly and in a way I could understand and USE. What's more it's funny. The authors voice is clear as a bell and she's hilarious and passionate about giving us all our bodies, health and confidence back. Loved it, highly recommend it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to read it again.

Haley N. ,

Amazing Secrets!

After my second child, no matter what I did I couldn’t lose the baby weight. Once I got to Chapter 5 I had realized the things I had been doing wrong. I’ve made changes and already seeing results. Thank you for the amazing secrets in this book!

Belle N. ,

Secrets that really work!

Finally a book with secrets that really work! I’ve looked through numerous quick help guides with no success, but with these techniques I am already seeing results. Thank you Holly Doss!!!!