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This Ebook is dedicated to those who want to learn how to play the Rock Guitar starting from zero, it’s structured in a simple and direct way and thanks to the use of tablatures, audio/video media and backing tracks you will be able to listen and see every single exercise moving your first steps in a clear and quick way in the fantastic world of the Rock Guitar 

Through the exclusive use of the "POWER CHORDS", the easiest chords to learn, you will be able to play and enjoy "almost" immediately.

The last section of this Ebook is entirely dedicated to the first rudiments of the lead guitar where you will find all the first fundamental techniques necessary to begin to get in touch with the melody and the art of the lead guitar.

At the end of every section there will be a part called "Power Chords & Go!" And "Guitar Solo & Go!" (only in the last section) where you can put into practice the topics you are studying thanks to short songs and their respective backing tracks.

Now all you need is an electric guitar, a small amplifier, a metronome and a bit of effort so you will see that in a short time you will be able to achieve great results.

Topics of the Ebook:

The guitar and the sounds: quick overview of the parts that make up the electric guitar, the amplifier and     the creation of sounds.
Music notation: overview on the musical notation in tablature and guitar boxes.
Guitar Tuning: How to tune the electric guitar.
Hands Position: How to place the hands on the fretboard.
Power Chords: Basic introduction to the Power Chords standard and Power Chords without root.
Music Theory: Basic introduction to the Music Theory.
The Lead Guitar: Pentatonic minor Scales, Blues scales and all the fundamental techniques to play solos.
24 Backing tracks in audio and video to develop your guitar techniques.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start having fun!!

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4 dicembre
SVS Pub.
Fabio Carraffa

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