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Dr. Leo Galland, along with Doctors Bernie Siegel and Andrew Weil, has been a pioneer in the emerging field of integrated medicine, which combines the best of alternative and conventional treatments. He is also a renowned medical detective, successfully curing patients whose illnesses have defied prior diagnosis and treatment. In Power Healing, Dr. Galland shares his breakthrough medical philosophy and program of healing, developed over the course of three decades of education and practice. He explains how you can apply four healing strategies that will help your body restore its own rightful balance and health: 1) build healthy relationships—community is the most powerful healing force; 2) create a customized prescription for diet, rest, and exercise; 3) purify your external environment; and 4) detoxify your internal environment to help your body protect and cleanse itself. Included for the first time in this edition is a dynamic new questionnaire Dr. Galland has created to help you hone in on your medical priorities.
Filled with practical advice on detecting unsuspected causes of our sickness, building resistance to disease, and harnessing our own bodies’ natural desire to heal, Dr. Galland’s innovative book represents mind/body medicine at its best. For those whose illnesses haven’t responded to treatment or resist diagnoses, or for anyone who craves a higher level of health, Power Healing is essential reading.

Praise for Power Healing

“If I were to get sick, this is the doctor I would go to see and the book I would read.”—Robert C. Atkins, M.D., author of Dr. Atkins’ Vita-Nutrient Solution

“A triumph. The most comprehensive book I have ever seen about promoting all aspects of wellness. Well organized, easy to read, and suitable for the layperson and health professional alike.”—Total Health

“Dr. Galland’s invaluable advice has been a great help to me. I’m delighted that others will at last have the benefit of his wisdom in their search for healing.”—Carol Burnett

“The medicine of the future will embrace and integrate the best of conventional and alternative approaches to health and healing. Dr. Galland makes a compelling argument that sickness is most effectively treated when the particular needs and underling psychological, emotional, and environmental issues are addressed.”—Dean Ornish, M.D.

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June 1
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