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"...an incomparably mesmerizing read... and stunningly interwoven plot." —OnlineBookClub

Juneau disappears trying to escape a malicious hunter. Unknown and dangerous aliens follow Essi to Earth. Shannon vows to save her friends—and the world—even if it means sacrificing her own life.

As the first book of the Power Rising trilogy, Power of Three, comes to a close, Shannon Kendricks has recovered from the devastating illness that followed her battle with sinister aliens and looks forward to furthering her quest to free the beluga whale Juneau.


In this thrilling sequel, Shannon has won for Juneau one day of freedom from captivity at the Dickson Research Center in Alaska. Now the time for Juneau to come home has arrived. But she doesn’t return. To complicate matters even more, Shannon’s former love, Luke Quintana, arrives unexpectedly. As Shannon waits for Juneau in the Underwater Complex at the Dickson, an explosion of water roars through its corridors and sweeps Shannon out into the chilling Alaskan Sea. 


At the same time, her alien friends, Essi and Salesti appear unannounced on Earth. Essi carries a virus that threatens everyone on the planet, and two aliens from FireWorld are hunting her to take that virus. One is determined to extract the virus without harm to Essi or Earth, the other, vicious and reckless, plans to release the virus, causing massive loss of life.


Shannon embarks on a strange and life-threatening journey to once again save Essi, Juneau, and everyone on Earth, but the stakes are even higher this time: the survival of life on a second planet, RiverWorld, rests on Shannon's shoulders as well. Will she succeed, or lose everything?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 20
Bublish, Inc.
Bublish, Inc.

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