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In the world of the goblins, there is only one rule...

Khemael, called both Angel and Demon by the superstitious humans, is a creature of beauty and grace, with a mostly human appearance. His love of stretching his leather-like wings and flying freely in the world of men brings far too much attention to the existence of the goblins, who long once again to be forgotten in their underground world. Haghuf, with the old ways entrenched into the very core of his being, knows that the inevitable responsibility will fall to him. He must destroy the beautiful creature who, in the world of the humans, would be called his grandson.

To complicate the matter, King Alaric claims Khemael as kin, and refers to him as ‘nephew’. To kill a relative of the king would renew hostilities between the humans and the goblins, despite the love for the goblins that Alaric shares with his father, the exiled Count Anton. For these reasons, Khemael’s sense of adventure has continued unchecked for too long.

Amidst unrest among the more fearful humans south of the river and disparity in the world of the goblins, messages come from Anton who travels in the north. A different kind of invader than those they have encountered before moves towards the city. A tribal people, close akin to Anton’s people, seek better climate and food supplies than the cold north has provided for several generations. They are moving south.

There are too many of the nomads to assimilate into the world that Alaric’s ancestors forged from devastation. Whatever happens, the impending incursion will bring change to their world... and Khemael’s flights threaten to bring the danger to the goblins.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 5
Golbin Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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