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The Ultimate Guide for Improving Every Part of Your Life by Creating a Fitness Mindset .

What is Holding You Back in Your Life? 

Have you tried diet and exercise programs before, only to find you can never stick with anything, or that the weight just won’t come off? Or maybe you’re physically fit but nothing else in life is quite adding up. You are not alone. Every year people all over the world commit themselves to living a healthier life and shedding their extra weight, and every year most people fail. If this describes you, you need this book. The reason you have failed in your other efforts is because none of those other programs showed you the secret to fitness success. They only gave you part of the puzzle. This book shows you that the real power to get healthy, physically fit, and lose weight is your mindset. 

Author, and personal trainer, Charlie S. Dannelly II teaches you the secrets to developing a fitness mindset inside his powerful book, Power of the Fitness Mind. I

nside you will discover: 

• What fitness really means 

• How to lose weight 

• How to become healthier, stronger, happier, and wealthier 

• How to improve your spiritual fitness 

• The relationship between fitness and the power of attraction 

• How to improve and sustain your fitness focus 

• How to gain financial fitness 

• Why fitness makes you smarter 

• The secrets of nutritional fitness 

• How to get fitness minded results 

• And Much More 

If you are tired of failing and want to unlock your full potential in every area of your life, you cannot afford to miss this book. Everything you need to develop the body of your dreams, and the life you have always known you were meant to live, is in this book. There are many fitness and financial gurus out there who will try and sell you some magic formula for getting what you want. But, most of these so-called experts only focus on a small piece of what you need to succeed. The body, mind, and soul must all work together to fully achieve what you are capable of physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. 

It’s time for you get in the fitness mindset.

January 4
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Charlie Dannelly