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I’ve been called a hypocrite.

I hate that.

I mean I give advice for clean, healthy living for a living, but when I let it slip to my fans that I’ve never been in love, I’m starting to wonder if anything I believe is real.

They are right. I’ve never let loose.

Enter Barron, a European prince of some small country near France and Italy. He’s a notorious womanizer, and supposedly wicked in bed so the rumors state as facts.

And he’s decided I’m perfect for him.

He’s perfect for me right now. I’ve never met a man so magnetically attractive.

He’s all muscles and his face just makes me grow goosebumps when I’m in the same room with him.

Do I try to live a little or should I follow my own advice and run.

True love doesn’t come from sex. I mean I practically wrote the blog on that.

And nothing about my feelings for Barron are good for clean living.

I’m absolutely paralyzed on what I should do and I never expected what happened in the end.

June 9
Love in a Book
Love in a Book

Customer Reviews

Cat_Sea ,

Fun read

ARC copy my opinion is my own. I am not / will not receive any compensation for it.
First of all, love the subtle nod to Frozen.
I loved this book. The characters were great. He marries a stripper to be “kicked out” of the family. Great! You can see why he would go so far to get a “normal life”. She’s called a hypocrite bc she a virgin. Ppl are so quick to judge on the internet instead of just taking what is said at face value.
The trials they go through doesn’t seem to be a big deal to most but could have ruined their HEA. Love wins! great read!

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