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This is a straightforward, no-nonsense instructional book on pistol shooting; specifically competition practical pistol-shooting. Its take-no prisoners style holds nothing back, and eliminates any guess-work related to which techniques work and which ones are outdated. The best way to shoot is using the Isosceles Stance, fact or myth? What about the press-out technique?

According to Professor Roger H. Lincoln, there are two rules for success in life: 1. Never tell everything you know. 2. Never tell everything all at once. In this book, Ben Stoeger laughs in the face of this great entrepreneur.

Top shooters share a common knowledge which they have collected over the years from a plethora of sources; a knowledge that, in its whole, is far from common to the average shooter in that it is scattered. In this book, the top shooters such as Bob Vogel, Dave Sevigny, and Matt Mink collaborate with the author, Ben Stoeger, to compile the so-called “Grand Master secrets” into one location. The knowledge spans from marksmanship fundamentals to shooting on the move, and competition skills such as stage breakdown and managing match pressure. Finally, this book contains many little tips, drills, and exercises to help you improve your shooting.

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May 1
Ben Stoeger
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Customer Reviews

CoronaSoCal ,

Want to shoot better

Not the first book I read from Ben Stoeger which was Skills and Drills. I’ve never heard of him because I’m kind of new to knowing some of the pro shooters. But he was recommended by The Shooters Mindset on Utube to get really informed about shooting sports with a production pistol. The book has some pro shooters that I’ve heard of and give there advise. This book has more about IDPA/USPSA on how to compete in each division. Best part I like was on customizing your gun to your own best options of changing sights and stippling the grip.

Jukezilla ,

Must read if you are serious about getting better


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