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Expand your ultrasound skills and learn to evaluate patients for DVT using ultrasound at the point-of-care.

The first of the Practical Ultrasound Series, Focused Ultrasound for Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) introduces providers to the key concepts, technical considerations, and image acquisition and interpretation skills required to evaluate patients for DVT using ultrasound at the point-of-care. A combination of text, image galleries, narrated video clips and interactive media is used to provide an immersive educational experience for the emergency physician interested in developing or expanding their ultrasound skills.


1) Basic Principles

2) Relevant Anatomy

3) The 2-Point Ultrasound Exam

4) Pelvic and Upper Extremity

5) Summary and Review

Professional & Technical
September 12
American College of Emergency Physicians
American College of Emergency Physicians

Customer Reviews

ddewz ,


Excellently written ibook on bedside ultrasound for DVT. I am an emergency department physician and this covers everything you would need to know to quickly, accurately and effeciently evaluate a patient for the presence of a potentially life threatening condition. It is perfect for ER providers, ICU, internal medicine, family practice and any provider looking to improve their practice. The embedded videos complement and re-inforce learning along with the quiz at the end. Other sources I’ve found have either been too detailed or not detailed enough. This is perfect. Highly recommended read!

kbergmanmd ,

Highly Recommended!

I have been doing point-of-care ultrasound for years in the Emergency Department and I found DVT pearls on every page of this excellent, high-yield iBook. Even Goldilocks, MD will be pleased - it is concise and interactive enough to hold interest yet comprehensive and detailed enough to significantly deepen understanding. This is perfect for attendings, residents, and fellows in the ED, Medicine wards, ICU, and ambulatory care. I especially appreciated the illustratitve videos, targeted usage of doppler, and didactics on diagnosing DVTs other than in the lower extremity. Well done!