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From “America’s best true-crime writer” (Kirkus Reviews) Ann Rule comes the New York Times bestselling mystery novel of drama, greed, sex, scandal, and murder on an eerie island in the Pacific Northwest.

Nestled in Puget Sound and accessible only by ferry, Whidbey Island is a gem off the coast of Washington State where life is insular and the island’s year-round residents tend to know one another’s business. But when the blood-drenched body of Russel Douglas is discovered the day after Christmas in his SUV, the whole island is shocked. No one can imagine who among them could plot such a cold-blooded crime. And like a cast of characters from a mystery novel, a host of Whidbey residents fall under suspicion.

Brenna Douglas was Russel’s estranged and soon-to-be-ex wife, who allowed him to come home for a Christmas visit with their children. Brenna often complained to her good friend Peggy Sue that Russel was physically and emotionally abusive. Married three times, Peggy Sue’s own life has been one of extremes: hers is a rags-to-riches-and-back-again tale. But in 2003, her love affair with married guitarist Jim Huden led the two Whidbey Island natives to pursue their ultimate dreams of wealth and privilege—even at the expense of human life.

Unravel the tangled web woven by Russel Douglas’s murder in Practice to Deceive, the newest heart pounding true-crime tour de force from Ann Rule.

October 8
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Customer Reviews

Rome48 ,

Practice To Deceive

This book is a real page turner. I finished it in 4 days. The twists and turns in the story kept me from putting the book down for very long.
I love Ann Rule books! I know they are true! stories she writes which make them all the more interesting.
In this story, a man is killed on Whidbey Island and 2 possibly 3 females are suspects . The story delves into the relationship between the victims and suspects and the backgrounds of all the characters are presented in crystal clear form .
I admire the author in how she shares with us all the intricate details of the people and how they are involved with each other and also the author shows us the detailed handling of the case by the detectives and law enforcement and how much dedication they had in being determined to get justice by working a decade to resolve a very hard to solve case.
Ms. Rule's insight and fortitude in describing , narrating, and telling true stories is very admirable and I truly enjoy her books. I just finished Practice To Deceive and already have started " Lying In Wait". When searching for a book, Ann Rule books are one of the first ones' in the store I pick up to look at and usually buy. I bet you I'll have read all! her books some day ! Very interesting subjects and excellent storytelling ability! Keep them coming!

Rarntgo ,

Can't Put Down

I have read all of Anne Rule's books and they never cease to keep me up reading all hours of the night. This book is no exception!

MelieRN ,

Ann Rule always delivers

This book could have been a cluster but as usual Ms. rule has the experience and expertise to keep the reader on track and informed of all the characters. As usual, I loved her book. Her character studies allow the reader to gain insight as to how some of these people think. As long as she writes I will be reading.

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