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This is a book about practicing, learning, and sharing our experiences with the Lean methodology and the Toyota Production System. 

Doctors don't "implement medicine," they practice medicine. 

Lawyers don't "implement cases," they practice law. 

Shouldn't Lean facilitators, consultants, managers, and the like, also "practice Lean?" 

When most of us start with Lean, the practices and principles are new. We might struggle to make change happen. I know I did. Our initial clumsy efforts hopefully turn into proficiency and mastery over time. We shift from "doing Lean" to "being Lean" and teaching others how to be Lean. 

This book is a collection of honest and unvarnished first hand stories about learning, failing, and getting better at leading Lean transformation efforts. What mistakes have been made? What are the lessons learned? How do we "Plan, Do, Study, Adjust" our way to more effective Lean transformation models? 

Proceeds from the book will be donated to the non-profit Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation. Disclosure: Mark Graban is on the board of the Batz Foundation. 

We have a diverse set of contributors who come from various industries - manufacturing, healthcare, software, startups, etc. 

Authors include: 

Mark Graban

Author of the books Lean Hospitals and Healthcare Kaizen, blogger at LeanBlog.org 

Nick Ruhmann

Director of Operational Excellence for Aon National Flood Services, Inc. 

Michael Lombard

Chief Executive Officer of Cornerstone Critical Care Specialty Hospital of Southwest Louisiana 

Paul Akers

President of FastCap, author of 2-Second Lean and Lean Health 

Jamie Parker

15 years' experience in operations management / leadership in retail, service, and manufacturing 

Harry Kenworthy

Expert in Lean government after a long career in manufacturing 

Bob Rush

Lean Manufacturing Group Leader for Tesla Motors 

Samuel Selay

Continuous Improvement Manager for the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton 

David Haigh

David works at Johnson & Johnson Canada, the largest consumer healthcare company in Canada 

Joe Swartz

Administrative Director, Business Transformation, Franciscan Alliance, co-author of Healthcare Kaizen 

Cameron Stark

Physician and Lean improvement leader in Scotland 

Harvey Leach

Principal Consultant with The Consultancy Company based near Oxford, England 

Andy Sheppard

Author, The Incredible Transformation of Gregory Todd: a Novel about Leadership and Managing Change 

Mike Leigh

President and Founder of OpX Solutions, LLC and former Lean leader at General Electric 

Jamie Flinchbaugh

Lean advisor, speaker, and author, who has advised over 300 companies on their Lean journey 

Lesa Nichols

Founder, Lesa Nichols Consulting and former Toyota leader 

The book also contains relevant posts from Mark Graban's LeanBlog.org.

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