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Author Charles Ota Hellers early childhood in Czechoslovakia was idyllic, but his safe and happy world didnt last long, Three years after his birth, Germany forced an occupation of his country; afterward, most of his young life consisted of running and hiding. His life, just like those of the other youths who lived in Europe during the late 1930s and early 1940s, was shaped forever by the dangers, horrors, and unsettling events he experienced.

In this memoir, Heller, born Ota Karel Heller, narrates his familys storya family nearly destroyed by the Nazis. Son of a mixed marriage, he was raised a Catholic and was unaware of his Jewish roots, even after his father escaped to join the British army and fifteen members of his family disappeared.

Prague: My Long Journey Home tells of his Christian mother being sent to a slave labor camp and of his hiding on a farm to avoid deportation to a death camp. With the war coming to a close, Heller tells of how he picked up a revolver and shot a Nazi when he was just nine years old.

Heller, now an assimilated American, left the horrors of the pastalong with his birth namebehind to live the proverbial American Dream. In his memoir, he recalls how two cataclysmic events following Czechoslovakias Velvet Revolution brought him face-to-face with demons of his former life. On his personal journey Heller discovered and embraced his heritageone which he had abandoned decades earlier.

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December 14
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Pogo885 ,

Unbelievably fabulous!

What an amazing story of courage, determination, survivorship, and family love and loyalty. Could not put it down and I read the entire book on
my iPhone. Thank you Charlie for sharing your story.

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