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The year is 1893. Chloe plans to stay only a short time at her brother Joe's ranch in Oklahoma Territory. Despite her best efforts to prevent it, Chloe is soon entangled in Joe's matchmaking schemes. At the same time, she catches the interest of a nosy and possibly dangerous ghost called Fire Horse. All Max McKee wants is to buy a few horses. Before he realizes it, he becomes part of Joe's scheme to marry off the rich and lovely Chloe, who happens to be the owner of those horses. Max is a man with many secrets. Despite the risks, he finds Chloe irresistible. When a series of strange fires spooks the local ranchers, Chloe and Max must work together to discover who is setting those fires and try not to get themselves killed in the process. [Western Paranormal Romance available in print and ebook from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. ] || "PRAIRIE FIRE is a well-crafted tale of the Old West, replete with a feisty heroine, a sexy cowboy, bad guys galore, and the added bonus of a mysterious ghost called Fire Horse. This is a great read!" ~ reviewed by Sparks Reviews [FIVE STARS] || "PRAIRIE FIRE is a thrilling story of danger, jealousy, passion, and the mysterious workings of love. Chloe intends to make her own life but had not anticipated meeting Max. He is a man strong in nature and goes after things he wants -- and he wants Chloe. Together they form a formidable team. I found this an inspiring and entertaining book to read that I utterly liked." ~ reviewed by CoffeeTime Romance [FIVE STARS] || "PRAIRIE FIRE is a truly fascinating read with vivid characters and storyline." ~ reviewed by SimeGen [FIVE STARS]

February 5
Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.
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