Praying with Impact

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Publisher Description

The Praying With Impact study guide for a new generation

The Praying With Impact study guide is a “work book”! Someone once said that prayer is the beginning of work, not the end of it.  Praying With Impact prayer guide will help you overcome that initial “shock” of work in prayer. I pray that the Holy Spirit will take us through this journey with tremendous results that will glorify God and revolutionize our lives, the church and the communities around us with regards to prayer. 

Interactivity with Social media and search engines

This workbook, however, makes it easier for the reader to drill down and find answers within the book or from external sources without leaving their smartphone, iPad or computer. It is fully interactive with context sensitivity within every word and/or common Christian phrases able to link directly to the internet. Fully compatible with Google search and Social Media for study and collaboration with others in real time. 

Video, audio Podcasts and slide presentations are embedded for further study and clarity of some subjects like The Blood of Jesus. You will never pray the same again!. The disciples of Jesus requested of him to "Teach us to pray, even as John taught his disciples" in Luke 11:1. They saw the effectiveness of his prayers including short but powerful prayers.

Target audience

Everyone especially the Millennials and the fast paced individual and the tech savvy individual interested in understanding the power of prayer.

Yes, I am confident that God hears and answers prayer (1 John 5:14-15)

Though a pharmacist by profession, this work is a culmination of nearly 20 years of my spiritual prayer journey including being a church prayer leader and teaching principles of prayer to groups. I have been fortunate to have the shared experience of prayer and learning prayer principles from men and women of God in ministry. Their callings range from local ministry to international ministries of huge harvest crusades.

Serving with and hosting such people in our home has impressed upon me that the secret of their success was from their bent knees. I have been blessed by sharing many hours with them over the years, in deep prayer and God’s Word. I have seen their faith put to task as we prayed for many things such as: starting at least two Christian radio stations; for 7-day crusades hosting over 100, 000 people daily; for healings; and their own personal needs such as for a child after many years of trying. I saw it all come to pass and much more!

My prayer is that this workbook will pass on these anointed principles to you. I was blessed to attend such “school of prayer” for free!

Religion & Spirituality
September 23
B. I. G International
Sam Kawesa