Pregnant Perversions: Needing the Neighbor

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Andrea is 38 weeks pregnant and feeling more self-conscious and less sexy every day, it doesn't help that her husband Mark can't seem to find the time to fuck her anymore. She begins to spend more time fantasizing about the attractive next door neighbor Ben when her husband is away. Soon her fantasies become a reality and her desires become needs.A small taste of what you will find inside:---Two days later, Andrea kissed Mark lightly on the cheek and watched as he hauled his suitcase into the car and drove off. This would be his last trip before the baby arrived. Hopefully the baby would hold off until his return. Andrea was 38 weeks and didn’t want to have to go to the hospital alone. She also was hoping to carry on her steamy affair with Ben. Andrea walked over to the mirror and slowly peeled off her clingy maternity dress. She stood in just her bra and panties. A thick red nursing bra with teeny bits of lace, held her fat, engorged breasts up. Her belly filled out and made a huge arch from her breasts to her pubic bone. Black boyfriend shorts covered her bottom half. Andrea did a slow turn in front of the mirror and marveled at how big her breasts and belly had become. Slowly, she pulled one breast out of her bra and took her nipple and squeezed it between her thumb and forefinger. She moaned softly at the pleasure it brought her, and she noticed the few droplets of thin, yellow liquid that appeared. She rubbed her finger against it and slowly sucked. The liquid had a faint sweetness to it. Andrea pushed her breast back inside her bra and ran her hands over her swollen belly. She stopped at her underwear and slowly placed her hand inside, reaching the best she could while standing up. She rubbed her clitoris softly, feeling the wetness that came so readily nowadays. She pulled her hand out of her panties and righted them. She slowly pulled her dress back up over her legs, stretching it over her belly and slipped her arms back into the sleeves. “I liked the dress better off.”Andrea gasped and whirled around. Standing in her doorway was Ben, and in his hand was his large, glorious cock. “Ben!”“Please, honey, keep going. Watching you touch yourself is hotter than you know.” Ben slowly stroked his cock from the shaft to the tip. Andrea could see drops of pre-cum trickle out. “How long have you been there?” Andrea demanded, feeling self-conscious. “As soon as I saw Mark’s car pull away, I came over. Laura took the kids to her mom’s for the day,” Ben spoke softly while keeping a steady pace on his manhood. “Now, do me a favor and take that dress off and leave it off.”Andrea looked at Ben with burning lust and slowly peeled her dress off for a second time. Deliberately lingering as she stretched the material over her belly and slid it slowly down her thighs. ---

Fiction & Literature
April 21
Bree Bellucci
Draft2Digital, LLC

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