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I wrote this book for my grandchildren. My son, his wife and their children moved to  an Diego and I saw a report that there was an earthquake alert. I became concerned about how prepared they were. Not just for a possible earthquake, but, as importantly, for the chaotic time after a disaster. I reached into my training and experience and . . . .

This is the most important book you will ever own.

It is also the most useful gift you could give someone you care about.

Preparation is the most critical component of survival and the most easily accomplished because you can do it NOW. In fact, you have to do it NOW. And you need to plan to survive as a team/family.

You, and those you love, will definitely face one or more of the situations covered: power outage, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, wild fire and more. This book gives you a step-by-step procedure to prepare for these emergencies and in the confusion afterwards.

Easy-to-follow checklists and specific directions on what to get and do help you prepare.

A companion book, Survive Now. Thrive Later is the handbook for being in an actual survival or emergency situation

But the most important thing is to Prepare Now!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR  Bob Mayer is a father, grandfather and husband. He’s also a former Green Beret, West Point graduate, and NY Times Bestselling author. He’s graduated numerous courses including the Special Forces Qualification Course (including Survival), the International Mountain Climbing School, the Royal Danish Navy Fromandkorpset Combat Swim School, and numerous survival exercises, and scenarios. He has a black belt in Taekwondo. He’s been interviewed in/seen on: Discovery Channel, Sports Illustrated, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, PBS, NPR, NY Times front page, SyFy Channel and local cable shows.  For more information, go to bobmayer.com

December 8
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Robert Mayer

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