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Be prepared when real disaster strikes.

Everyone believes that they have their life completely under control—until a major disaster hits. In an emergency, the fantasy of control collapses, along with everything that makes our lives normal. Only those who have planned ahead will survive.

Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide will show you how you and your family can survive even the direst situations. To do so effectively, however, you’ll need the right tools. Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide introduces you to the physical and mental tools and prepper supplies that can help save your life.

Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide outlines the essential prepper supplies and tools of survival, with:

• An overview of the best strategies and prepper supplies for surviving any disaster

• Detailed prepper supplies checklists for your Go-Bag and your 72-Hour Kit

• Product reviews of essential prepper supplies—including flashlights, shelters, first aid, navigation gear, and fuel

• Price comparisons and online purchasing information for the most necessary prepper supplies

• Vital chapters on protecting your pets and prepping your motor vehicle

• Special tips for cooking outdoors, purifying water, storing gasoline, and making an emergency toilet

Preparing for a disaster requires bravery and logic. Everything else can be found in Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide.

November 11
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Callisto Media, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Calianch ,

A Must Read for This Day and Age

Prepper Supplies and Survival Guide is an easy to understand full guide to learning how to prepare for an emergency. It not only offers information on what to do and what to gather, it prepares you mentally for disaster, provides information on how you can financially take care of getting prepared, and more. The authors have done all the thinking for you. All you have to do is gather supplies and follow the guide’s directions. Highly recommend for families and individuals who need help preparing for emergencies and need a place to start.

Gabriel F P ,

Good resource for supplies and advice for emergencies

There's plenty we can do to be ready for emergencies, and the "Prepper Supplies and Survival Guide" covers the basics of what to do in most places we're likely to be when disaster strikes. The book is filled with lists of supplies and reputable sources for things you'll want to have in the event of a crisis situation. A lot of the advice in the book is also handy for personal emergencies, like what to do when encountering a wild animal and a list of supplies for the car that ought to be on hand at all times.

B3lroc1 ,

Engaging guide

This guide is awesome. It gives you all the knowledge to carry out tasks that need to be accomplished before and after a disaster. This guide stresses how incredibly important it is to make sure you and your family are physically and mentally prepared for cataclysmic events.

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