President Kennedy’s High Noon in Dallas President Kennedy’s High Noon in Dallas

President Kennedy’s High Noon in Dallas

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For nearly fifty years the traumatic events of 22nd of November 1963 have been incomprehensible due to the scale of the scenario and due to an efficient cover up. 

The basis of this book is derived from the factual evidence in Dealey Plaza on the day. Evidence of two fatal shots hitting the President from the front has always been supported by medical witnesses but is now for the first time equally supported by new irrefutable photographic evidence of two second gunmen - all in accordance with the testimony of witnesses Gordon Arnold and Ed Hoffman. 

New evidence of returning Oswald’s true Russian identity making him a perfect patsy in a false flag operation is presented. The true patriot, US Lee Harvey Oswald, was a false defector to USSR and was substituted by a Russian lookalike.

Contains more than 20 carefully selected videos included in this digital edition only for iPad.

    October 2
    Jens Thygesen Tertia

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    wrgreen ,

    JFK Conspiracies -- 3 in 1

    This is an "enhanced" book with videos and is designed for iPad format. Thus it is easy for the reader to inspect photos, maps and plans. This is an important and useful element of a book which claims photo proof of the shooters in Dealey Plaza. The author opens up the possiblity of a Russian Doll of conspiracy: the Casto feint, the JFK/CIA "false flag", and the murder plot --- one nested inside the other.The author uses previous material to build the plots, and relies on photo enhancment to i.d. shooter locations. It is all very interesting and compelling. The false flag operation would explain RFK's reluctance to blow the lid on the conspiracy. It seems to tie with the December 1 "C day" invasion theories.

    Reading the old photos, is a bit like tea leave reading...there's a lot to be said about the interpretation. However, forgetting that aspect which is intriguing, the book is a very good compendium of the JFK assassination and a useful tool and reference for anyone interested in the truth of the JFK murder.

    Note: to the author...there are some translation issues related to a few of those funny English words like "shock".

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