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New York Times bestseller Presumed Guilty exposes shocking, never-before revealed, exclusive information from the trial of the century and the verdict that shocked the nation.

When Caylee Anthony was reported missing in Orlando, Florida, in July 2008, the public spent the next three years following the investigation and the eventual trial of her mother, Casey Anthony. On July 5, 2011, the case that captured headlines worldwide exploded when, against all odds, defense attorney Jose Baez delivered one of the biggest legal upsets in American history: a not-guilty verdict.

In this tell-all, Baez shares secrets the defense knew but has not disclosed to anyone until now and frankly reveals his experiences throughout the entire case—discovering the evidence, meeting Casey Anthony for the first time, being with George and Cindy Anthony day after day, leading defense strategy meetings, and spending weeks in the judge’s chambers.

Presumed Guilty shows how Baez, a struggling, high-school dropout, became one of the nation’s most high-profile defense attorneys through his tireless efforts to seek justice for one of the country’s most vilified murder suspects.

August 27
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Customer Reviews

Tootie Mae ,

Well done

I read Jose Biaz book on Aaron’s acquittal on double murder. I felt so bad for Aaron that his life ended by his own hand and that he had to suffer his last years in prison wrongfully accused.
That book lead me to seek out if Jose wrote one on Casey case. I had to read it.
I admit I followed her case not religiously but here and there and I had my mind set she was guilty. I made that assumption solely on the news broadcasted by media. If I had been asked why I thought guilty...she lied,didn’t come forward for 30 days and that was the extent of my reason along with millions of others because of the media and Orlando PD.
To all of the millions of people that is still so hate driven, and thinks the jury got it wrong I RECOMMEND YOU READ THIS BOOK.
Like myself all of you basing your beliefs on things the media reported.
ALWAYS 2 sides to a story!
I hope that many will read this book with an open mind and clear your head from anything your beliefs were tied too and listen to all the defense evidence. The jury couldn’t have had any other verdict but a not guilty charge!
Great Job Biaz!! You rocked the house inside out!

jayymee11 ,

Presumed Guilty

I have had hatred for Kasey Anthony since this story came out. I based my thoughts on what I saw in the media, and what I read in the papers. I could never understand what would make a woman do something like this, so I guess that’s why I decided to read this book. After reading this I have no doubt in my mind that she did not murder her child. I’m shocked by the fact the officers and prosecutors tried to hide so much evidence that would prove her innocent. I couldn’t sleep at night if I thought I helped put someone on death row who clearly did not murder her child. Why is George Anthony walking around as a free man? How can Cindy Anthony turn her back on her daughter and still stay married to this monster?
This was a well written book that told all the facts.

Minney mom ,

Presumed Guilty

Wow! Great read, a can't put down book.

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