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I have them all now. Just the way I want them.

McKay, the one who loves me deepest.

Adam, the one who protects me fiercely.

Donovan, the one who tells the truth.

They are my friends, they are my lovers, they are my world.

And Maggie belongs to all of us—no matter who her father is.

This is the family I've always wanted.

This is the family I deserve.

And I will do whatever it takes to keep them.


I have a secret that could ruin everything.

But I'm not keeping that secret to hurt her.

Nathan St. James needed to go.


I made plan that could ruin everything.

But I did it to save us in the end.

The Company needed to come back.


I told a lie that could ruin everything.

But I didn't tell the lie to them—I told it to myself.

Carter is closer than we think.

There is something truly wrong at Boucher House on the Old Pearl River.

Some hidden evil lurking deep inside the woods.

Nothing about their blissful life is what it seems.

Because just when they think they have it all—he shows up to take it back.

May 26
J. A. Huss
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Lbzoza ,


So many details, so little time! This is one those books that you need to pay extra attention to! The devil is in the details and that’s the truth for this story. So intricate and woven so together nicely!

Contessajj ,

Hitchcock has nothing on Huss

The last chapters of this psychological thriller had my heart thumping, my breathing shallow, and my mind spinning. How often does a book do that? Every freaking time with a Huss thriller. In between the reveals and the twists the plot lulls you into complacency with romantic interludes and sweet sexy moments, then the floor falls out from under your perceived story destination. Indie, Adam, McKay, Donavan and cast are and are not what we believed in the first book, they haven’t changed we just know them better and love them more, mostly. The next book can’t come fast enough. How will they all end up, I have no clue, but can’t wait to see.

Virna Thompson ,

Full of twists, turns and surprises!

Pretty Nightmare by JA Huss takes us back to Indie, McKay, Adam and Donovan and of course Maggie. Let me tell you, it was quite the ride! First, you do need to read Creeping Beautiful before starting this one, but let me tell you, it is worth it! There are secrets at every turn, but will they keep them safe or hurt them all more in the end? What happened in those years Indie can’t remember? Though we do begin to get some answers, in true JA Huss fashion, we get twice as many questions. I do not want to give too much away, because this story (both books so far) needs to just be experienced. They are all tied together and yet there are things that drive them individually. And then she throws us some huge surprises and twists! How will it all end? I am so excited to see!

Happy reading!

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