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“I’m a Murphy. I protect what’s mine.”

A nice, sensible woman like me should have never spoken to a man like Patrick Murphy. And I really, really shouldn’t have spent the most reckless—and passionate—night of my life in his hotel room.

But a walk of shame is the least of my concerns when I find myself on the wrong end of gun. 

Now Patrick’s decided he wants to keep me close. Even worse, I want to let him. 

I’m smart enough to know I’m in over my head. 

Nothing in my safe, predictable life has prepared me for Patrick or the dangerous world he’s plunged me into. 

All I can do is fight. Fight the insane, undeniable attraction that grows with every moment I spend with him. 

And hope. Hope that the darkly irresistible man who I fear has stolen my heart can protect us both.

April 20
Kaye Blue
Kaye Blue

Customer Reviews

dope._.figure ,


Honestly I didn’t even finish the book. I understand that they have a connection but it was very unrealistic. In reality a woman would be worried about her job right after getting a promotion, worried about getting killed or Patrick potentially killing her, but no. Patrick has these weird bipolar mood swings on her that she just accepted as him “caring for her”. It was weird. Also skipping the sex scene in the beginning made their new found connection confusing. I feel like if she told the sex scene I would understand why they have a connection but it was left out. Everything just felt random. The whole story line is good but the relationship in itself was hard to connect with.

Terri_999 ,


I enjoyed how the characters and the plot were written. I couldn’t put it down. The only drawback for me was Nya’s job. You can’t just call in a leave of absence like that. In reality, you would need to add where she was fired. With how the rest of it was written, this part could have been better.

So I’ll give it 3.5 since the part about her job kept bothering me through most of the story.

Karen B. R. ,

Love It!!!

It was so easy to get caught up in the story. I can't wait to read the next book

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