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Bestselling author Staci Hart is back with the Pride and Prejudice retelling you've been waiting for. We're back at Wasted Words, the book bar of our dreams, for the epic finale of the Austen series, where we'll follow Laney Bennet and Liam Darcy down the bumpy road to their happy ending.

Hate is a strong word.

Depending on the company, loathe is a good substitute. Abhor might be a little fancy, but it gets the job done. But the word that really sums up how I feel about Liam Darcy is, without question, hate.

He doesn’t seem to think much of me either. The second he lays his fault-seeking eyes on me, he sets out to oppose me. Everything about him is imposing, as if he consumes the nearby air to power the rise and fall of his broad chest, and it’s clear he resents my presence on his advertising team. Every idea I have is shot down. Every olive branch I offer is set on fire by nothing more than the blistering coals he calls eyes. 

In return, I light him up with my words.

It’s not as if he can dismiss me, since I work for his client, Wasted Words. Instead, he’s forced to tolerate me, which seems the closest we’ll ever be to friends. Fine by me. 

I can be civil and still hate Liam Darcy. 

But if there’s more to him than his exterior shows, I won’t be able to hate him at all. 

I might stumble over that line between love and hate and fall right into his arms.

October 13
Staci Hart Novels
Staci Brillhart

Customer Reviews

mpatane5 ,

Great addition to this series!

I enjoyed this slow burn, enemies to lovers storyline. Staci Hart has a way with words that captivates you, especially with this modern take on a classic. A great addition to this series.

ESherrell490 ,

An exquisite retelling!

I’m always a little nervous going into a retelling. There are always two main concerns for me. The first: will it keep my attention? I’ve never really been able to read a book more than once, no matter how much I enjoyed it. I’ve even struggled with other retellings in the past. My second concern: am I going to be happy with this author’s version? Especially when it’s a story like Pride and Prejudice.

Well, after finishing Staci Hart’s Pride and Papercuts, I can honestly say I’m irrevocably in love with her reimagined take on the classic novel. To start, I was ridiculously excited to return to Wasted Words. I mean, her novel with that namesake is where I first fell for her words and storytelling.

“He made me feel helpless, not only to the vortex of his mercurial behavior, but to my heart.”

In Pride and Papercuts, we have a modern day Laney Bennet and Liam Darcy head-to-head on the marketing side of the bookstore/bar. Headstrong characters mean endless wit and banter. And there was plenty thrown around, which in turn left me entertained from beginning to end. The slow-burn romance and sexual tension was done beautifully. Plus there were so many instances where this story—their story and a certain side couple—unapologetically tugged on the heartstrings.

“A man shouldn’t be this lucky,” he said quietly, earnestly. “It leaves so much to lose.”

Escaping into a Staci Hart novel is always enjoyable—stunning prose that turns her them into pure poetry. And I’m in complete awe of her ability to flip a classic story into something new and fresh like Pride and Papercuts. I could have crawled into the pages of this exquisite version of Austen and lived happily!

Hmitch76 ,

Beautifully written enemies to lovers

Liam Darcy is a stubborn, proud man who does everything in his power for his family. He and his sister have been through a lot together and don’t have much family left. He is thrown for a curve ball when introduced to Laney Bennett. She intrigues and frustrates him like no one else ever has. The two of them become enemies quickly. Laney is the only daughter in the Bennett family. Her mother had hope she would go onto the family's flower business, but Laney wanted to be her own independent person. While working with Liam’s company the two of them often butt heads, but also challenge one another to be better, work harder. Ms. Hart has a wonderful way with words. Her story telling is almost poetic. I really enjoyed reading Pride and Papercuts and I’m looking forward to what comes next from this author.

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