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The Earth moves through space as part of a Grand Story. Some have poetically called this unfolding story the “Song of Creation”. They believe in a Creator. They believe God has a purpose. Thus, they approach each day within a Big Narrative of meaning and purpose. For example, such people may well reason that there is an order to Creation—that human life is more valuable than birds—that life seems to stack up vertically from the ground up. It rises from mineral to plant life to animals to humans and, ultimately, God is at the top. They see our physical world ascending into the spiritual. Many recognize that humans are uniquely composed of body and soul. And, the soul--the individual human heart—is at the white-hot intersection of freedom where the physical and spiritual universe collide. Such people may well recognize the moral demands of all this, but their lives have a treasured place within the Grand Story--each moment filled with eternal meaning.
However, a growing number disagree. They say there is no overarching meaning to life—no “meta-narrative”. There is no created order because there is no Creator. Mankind is not the purpose of the universe because there is no God with a purpose. There really is no context. The human race is merely another species that came along the evolutionary process. In the vast expanse of time and space, people are actually quite insignificant. As a result, there are no eternal responsibilities. There are no fixed truths--no moral absolutes. We are not confined by transcendent, moral guidelines like “10 Commandments”. Life is what we make it. We should be utterly free to write our own story.
These are the main 2 outlooks in conflict. There is also a "loving middle" crowd who inadvertently facilitate ruin.
This book shows you how our culture operates on "god-free" ethics. It outlines the collapse of Western civilization and shows you how to prepare your kids.

June 9
Damion Boyd
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