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Dr. Katrina Morris,Kat to her close friends, has fought all her life to be taken seriously because of her having been a child prodigy and attending medical school at a young age. Even years later she still struggles with others that are threatened by her intelligence and her talent. She finds herself frustrated with the way her career has stagnated. She know she needs a challenge. When an opportunity arises for her to travel to a new and strange world, she doesn’t think twice before taking that risk. However, she finds herself attracted to two men. One man teaches her about her new world and she begins to care for him. The other man continually pushes her professionally and personally at the same time that he intrigues her more than any person ever has.

Prime Medic SydEL has taken over the research on the viral mutation that prevented the Katieran people from being able to successfully breed with one another. He has a great deal of responsibility and his people are counting on him. He doesn’t have time for distractions. But the biggest distraction he has ever known is dropped right in his Medic Wing in the form of a small, beautiful female from another planet. The female is continually asking questions, getting in his way, turning his emotions inside out. She creates urges in him that he thought he was above feeling. Making his urges even worse, the female is wanted by another male.

Will Kat be able to prove her skills as a doctor and a scientist? Will her romantic feelings get in the way? Will she give herself over to the needs burning within her? Which man will she choose? Will SydEL keep his mind free to complete his research? Will he give in to the cravings he has for one small female? Or will he fight his feelings and risk losing the only female he has ever had feelings for to a rival? Two worlds collide and three people’s lives will change irrevocably

December 6
KD Jones
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Mimimeomarie ,

Needs an edit and a rewrite

The storyline is good and it does that the power to make you keep reading. However there are a lot of typos, truncated sentences and jumps from one character to another that leads me to believe that the story was written very quickly to get it out for publishing.

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