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Primordial Reflections is a journey through life itself. As a scintillating compilation of poetic inspiration and bite-sized insights, it acts as a traveler’s guide to the human experience. With brief but deep dives into human consciousness, beautifully unique takes on love, awe-inspiring descriptions of nature and lighthearted sparkles of humor; it’s an immensely enjoyable, rewarding read for everyone. Primordial Reflections is the ultimate curiosity-piquing coffee table book. It also makes the perfect gift for any deep-thinking family member or friend.

The book consists of two sections:
Part One - Poetry
Part Two - Thoughts, Insights, Musings and Channelings

Part one is a fantastic voyage of a lifetime through the medium of poetry. The poems will scratch any itch and tickle unforeseen fancies, as they span a wide array of topics, style and length. Each one is dazzling and thought-provoking in its own right. Every word in every poem was meticulously crafted to create an immersive reading experience. Come along for the ride and see how the magic of poetry reveals itself to you. Part two is a compilation of profound thoughts, insights, musings and channelings. Some of these came through meditation, some while walking outside, some while hiking and others are beaming remixes of previous ideas. Each little piece of wisdom here is potent, paradigm-shifting and a rabbit hole in and of itself. Almost everything in this book came through some form of channeling - placing the mind, like a fishing rod, into different frequency streams of reality and “catching” snippets of the infinite wisdom available to all of us. That’s why, just by reading this, you too will begin to tap into that pure potentiality. Enjoy the journey of Primordial Reflections.

Religion & Spirituality
September 6
Stephen Parato
Smashwords, Inc.

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