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Four sisters named after royalty, with dowries fit for a queen. Their Gypsy fortuneteller mother predicted each would marry a prince…of sorts.

She’s a princess with more to lose than her dowry.

Las Vegas restaurateur Grace Parlier doesn’t gamble, but she’s risking her dowry on a new business with her late father’s friend because casino owner Charles Harmon has what she wants: location, location, location. The money may have been earmarked for a wedding, but everyone knows Grace has terrible taste in men. Look at the way her heart races every time her family’s latest Romani rescue, comes close. But how could an ex-con from Detroit possibly be the prince she was meant to marry?

He’s a Detroit cop with no skin in the game—or so he wants to believe.

Nick Lightner goes undercover in Vegas for one reason only: to take down scumbag Charles Harmon. Does he believe Lucky Chuck is a human serpent threatening his birth father’s family? Hell, no. Nick knows who he is and where his allegiance lies. Certainly not with a sexy “princess” who makes the few drops of Romani blood in his veins run hotter than a winning streak at the craps table. His heart maintains a safe distance…until the princess takes a bullet meant for him, then all bets are off.

July 1
Loner Llama Press
Debra Salonen

Customer Reviews

Jen G F ,

Prince Charming Undercover

ARC for honest review with no compensation 4.5 stars

Prince Charming Undercover is book 1 of Betting on Love a new series by Debra Salonen and as always another well written, entertaining, intriguing, emotional and couldn't put the book down...you will not be disappointed!!

Grace "Princess" Parlier who owns a restaurant in Las Vegas with her sister but wants to expand and has found a perfect location...a casino owned by Charles Harmon her late father's best friend, but Charles is not after a partner he wants Grace's "dowry" money. Her family doesn't trust Charles so they contact Nick Lightner, a Detroit cop who also happens to be distant family. Nick on the other hand knows all about Charles and goes undercover in Las Vegas to bring him down no matter what until he meets Grace and sparks fly between them. Now things are personal and he will do whatever it takes for family.

Can Nick keep Grace safe and her dowry intact, keep his cover under wrap and bring Charles down or will it all blow up??

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