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Prince John’s Quest, the sequel to Prince Michael and the Dragon, is a short book about a young prince in a make believe kingdom (El) who at the command of the King of Heaven leaves his home and family on a vague search for the Zahab Chokmah. The setting for the story begins with the young prince dutifully about his work when his brother Lionel, returns briefly from Heaven to give him the instructions he is to find the Zahab Chokmah. After conferring with his father and friends, he and two companions, Jeffery and Sean, and a royal counselor Angelon, set out toward the east to identify and find this elusive prize. Once they begin the journey, John notices many things he had never seen or heard, like trees which talk. When the three companions arrive to the port city of Aphixis. They find a place to rest and then go out to see what they can learn. In the process, out of pity for a young woman (Shebi) enslaved by the Warriors of the North, John purchases her freedom. Soon after this, these same warriors capture John and make him a slave on one of their ships. While John is taken to sea his friends and the young woman desperately search for him and realize that he is no longer in the city. The three, then resolve to continue their journey in hopes of finding him. While John is on the warrior’s ship, he witnesses their savage attack on a helpless vessel. Then after several days, he hears the sea speak to him telling him to jump over the side. He does this and a giant sea monster, destroys the ship, leaving him as the lone survivor. John awakes to find himself on the shore of a strange land. While there he briefly helps a poor farmer and his family then continues his journey. In the process a young man named Brian joins him and they continue on to the east, until they come to a pristine valley, unspoiled by human presence. At the other end of the valley is a mountain, which John knows has the Zahab Chokmah. In the meantime John’s friends sail to the Kingdom of Dulos, where Shebi’s father is king. Shebi’s father is eager to assist in the search for John, so he sends his son Scandalon to help them in their search. Scandalon and Angelon quickly betray Jeffrey, Sean and Shebi and continue alone in search of John and the Zahab Chokmah, which they want for themselves. Jeffrey, Sean and Shebi, however escape and pursue their betrayers in hopes of finding John first. Scandalon and Angelon find the valley, where Angelon uses the forces of nature to kill Scandalon. He continues on and meets John and Brian just prior to their assent to the mountains peak to find the strange prize. Not far behind John’s friends find evidences of the two betrayers and continue their pursuit. Angelon, attempts to kill Brian, and when he thinks he has found the Zahab Chokmah, tries to kill John. However, as a result of his own evil, a lion jumps him and knocks him from a high cliff. John retrieves the Zahab Chokmah and rejoins his friends with whom he returns triumphantly to the Kingdom of El. As a result of his triumph John becomes king not only of El, but other countries as well.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 31
John Orndorff
Smashwords, Inc.

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