Prince Kristian's Honor

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Kristian, the unruly and detested prince of Erand, has been promised in marriage to Allisia, the princess of Duellr. Kristian is completely against his betrothal until he meets the lovely princess days before their wedding. He begins to think that maybe, with her help, he can change his ways and become the man everyone expects him to be.

Meanwhile, Ferral, the mad sorcerer-king of Belarn, raises a demon from Hell to destroy both ruling families in one swift attack. At the same time, Allisia disappears and Kristian raises an army to find her and bring Ferral to justice.

Nothing goes as planned. As Kristian realizes his mistakes and their catastrophic consequences, he must start over to prove his worth and obtain his men's respect, Allisia's love, and his honor.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 7
Tod Langley
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

D A Lawson ,

This book has something for every reader

PRINCE KRISTIAN’S HONOR combines fantasy, the timeless battle between good and evil, military strategy, intrigue, and even romance. The story literally has something for everybody.

The vast military experience of author Tod Langley is evident is his descriptions of battle scenes and the emotions portrayed by characters as they are forced to make life and death decisions. Scenes were described with a great deal of imagery, bringing the story to life.

The author’s ability to develop characters yields an unlikely hero who I found myself rooting for despite his many shortcomings. Langley’s supporting cast is every bit as developed as his main character. Their stories complement the main story, producing a novel that was difficult to put down. From the opening line to the last paragraph, Langley’s story is a page turner.

PRINCE KRISTIAN’S HONOR is a must read for fans of fantasy fiction and those who are militarily minded. I also think this book would be a great read for anyone who enjoys a good story.

T. Langley ,

Totally Engrossing

Prince Kristian, soon to be ruler of Erand, has been sent on a mission. Rumors have been circulating that Erand's ancient enemy, Belarn, is preparing to go to war and try to conquer the kingdom. Kristian has been sent to Duellr, where he is to propose to the Princess Allisia, and cement a relationship between the two countries so that they can oppose Belarn.

Kristian is a young, spoiled man, unloved by his country due to his superior attitude and determination to have his own way regardless of the merit of his plans. He is furious at having to propose to please his father, the king, and be used as a pawn in the country's future plans. When he actually meets Allisia, though, he is instantly charmed by her beauty. He proposes and is disconcerted to realise that she is no happier about the marriage than he is. But as they talk, they begin to form a relationship, and Kristian starts to realise that he has a long way to go in terms of likeability and interactions with others.

Then tragedy strikes. In Belarn, the mad prince, Ferral, has used his unholy knowledge of the dark arts to kill his father and take the throne. He undergoes a ceremony to bring a demon-woman to life, and sends her to Duellr.....

Pandemonium erupts in Duellr....

A new voice in fantasy, Tod Langley has created an exciting new world. Kristian is not the typical hero. He is vain and stubborn, detested by the men he needs to lead. The other characters are skillfully drawn, and the plot is engrossing. Prince Kristian's Honor is labled Book One of the Erinia Saga. Readers will be well advised to wait for the rest of the series to see if Kristian can become the ruler and man he needs to be.

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