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I was born in Sin, and shadow is all I've known... until her.

My father is the most powerful of the shadow angels, and his lessons for me have always been simple, cruel, and full of pain: there is no Love in the shadow realm. I've survived by learning those lessons, reading his moods, and keeping my head down when his Wrath is unleashed. But I couldn't let him again use the soft body of a woman to teach me not to care... so I helped Ren escape. I let her go because I can never have her—this way, at least she and the baby are safe. Only now, my father's bent on destroying everything in his mad quest to take down the Light angels and enslave the humanity he loathes. And the woman I love is once again in his sights...

I've got a bad habit of picking Bad Boys... but the prince of the shadow realm? Really?

Micah was going to be a hot, one-night fling—her last Bad Boy before she straightened up her life for good. After that, she would find a grown-up man who didn't need a woman to fix his life. But tomorrow turned into a week later, and suddenly, she was waking up in love and totally pregnant with Micah's baby. And trapped in a hellscape of shadow angels in the middle of an immortal war. All she wanted was Micah's love... but this time, Mr. Wrong was Mr. Devastatingly Wrong. And no matter what the Light angels said, she wasn't going back to Hell to fix him—even if it might stop a war.

In a war that threatens mortals and immortals alike, those in shadow have the most to lose--if the Warrior Angels awaken, it will spell their doom. Redemption might be found through the soft embrace of Love, but how to find Love in the middle of war? Especially when the forces of darkness will do anything to stop it.

FALLEN ANGELS is a follow-on series from the bestselling FALLEN IMMORTALS series. It contains sexy hot angels of light—and shadow.

June 11
Alisa Woods
Twisted Space LLC

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