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This brooding fae bounty hunter is hot on the trail of a changeling princess. But what will he do when she captures his heart?

Varik has traveled entire kingdoms trying to lift a curse from himself and his wolf cub, Ronan. Now the crown has offered him one chance to make all his problems disappear: Capture the runaway changeling princess and bring her back to Faerie, and the curse will be lifted. But the big bounty hunter finds himself helpless with lust from the moment he lays eyes on the princess, and getting to know her only makes the infatuation worse.

Ashe was raised as a fae princess, but she is determined to redefine herself in the small town in the mortal realm where she was born. She strikes a bargain with the handsome fae bounty hunter who is chasing her, allowing her forty-eight hours to try life as a human, as long as he can stay by her side. If she can stop drooling over him long enough to concentrate, she is sure she can make the mortal life work.

As Varik helps Ashe get to know the realm of her birth, it becomes clear to him that she is his fated mate. But with monsters from Faerie closing in to steal his prize, Varik and Ronan are running out of time. Now Varik needs to convince Ashe to come back to Faerie with them, before falling in love with her makes him lose everything he’s ever fought for. 

If you like strong women, hunky fae men, wild adventures, steamy sensual scenes, and happily-ever-afters, then you’ll love the world of Rosethorn Valley Fae!

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September 1
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13th Story Press

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owl2772 ,

Twists of conspiracies

Varik has been on a guilt trip for 27 years for the things that he has done. In the process of trying to change he was cursed. Ashe is one of reasons for his guilt trip. She is a changeling thanks to Varik. Ashe finds herself in the mortal realm. With Varik’s help, she works on finding her way. Although, it all starts to unravel due to the winter court. They learn to work together to overcome obstacles. Ashe makes new friends and learns to rely on herself. Ronan has a story of his own in this situation which all comes to light. Hard work and determination are the name of the game in this saga. The ending has some interesting twists.

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