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Fourteen-year-old Anna has just moved to New York City with her mother and new stepfather. She resents everything about her life, and so, to spite her mother, she sneaks out to ski in the park. Much to her surprise she meets another cross-country skier, an attractive boy about her own age. Against her better judgment, she follows him into what turns out to be a snow-covered netherworld inhabited by monstrous creatures known as Wyssun’ as well as by the Skiers who hunt them. Accepted by the peculiar Skiers as one of their own, she becomes trapped in the Wyssun’ World, which is a confusing and dangerous place run by the not-so-friendly elves. Anna must get back home before the fairy tale turns into a nightmare. Of course, the way home is shorter than she might think.

Young Adult
December 25
Print in the Snow
DIY Media Group DBA BookBaby

Customer Reviews

TheLici(: ,

Print in the Snow

I thought it was really good! I really liked your whole idea about love and how their world was based on the love of everyone. I also like the connection you made with the subway and the "ill memories." I thought that was really creative. When she started laughing I was thinking that I totally relate to that. Like I could not take a big wyssen seriously. Again it was very well written and I enjoyed every page of it. (:

ArtDoc88 ,

More than meets the eye

This book is a total joy, great for a teen but even more fun for an adult, able to recognize all the hidden allusions and philosophical references, not to mention a David Bowie quote here and there. I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a cult classic.

Print in the odd ,

Print in the snow

Print in the snow was for the most part good and a fulfilling fantasy novel. Sadly however it seemed a little to childish rather than confusing, which I think is how the author was trying to portray the world of wysun. Honestly it ended coming out like a bit from never ending story, with a terrible gay ending too. Not to seem naive myself by saying gay, but the last scene in wysun world was a lot of guys kissing and jumping over fire. Honestly it is a good book with a good idea, but poor presentation for it.