Priscilla's Escape

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When faith and freedom collide, mistakes made in the past may decide the future.

Twenty-year-old Priscilla King is unsure about joining the Amish Church and wants to use her rumspringa freedom to paint beach landscapes. She's been offered a two-month-long nanny position in Siesta Key, Florida by an author on a tight writing deadline. The opportunities presented are more than a little tempting for Priscilla, even if it means disappointing her parents and leaving her new boyfriend. 

Stephen Hertzler grew up in an Amish family, but, like Priscilla, he's undecided about joining the church. He loves Priscilla and wants to marry her, though he knows she's not ready to decide about anything other than her summer plans. His biggest worry is that she'll meet someone else in Florida and forget him.  

Priscilla's father Amos, bishop of the church, has a secret. As a child, he'd also loved painting pictures. But, because of his Amish district, painting was frowned upon and he was forced to do it in hiding. His father found out about his art and, in fury, he burned the paintings. When he was older, Amos moved to Fields Corner, where he would have been allowed to paint. Traumatized, he'd instead buried his passion for art in order to focus on being a good bishop for the community. 

When Priscilla's parents sabotage her part-time job at a local fabric store to dissuade her from following a "worldly lifestyle" in taking the nanny position in Florida, Priscilla is distraught. She knows she would regret not taking this chance. Leaving a note, she sneaks out in disobedience of her parents' wishes. 

Free to paint, dreams she's never fully envisioned before seem within reach…but at what price?

Fiction & Literature
March 23
Diane Craver
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Debora Wilder ,

This is a charming Amish romance.

I love both Priscilla and Stephen. They are extremely believable. They have very normal questions about their faith and how God wants them to live their lives. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that they started by developing a friendship based on common interests and an ease in talking things over with each other.

The way that Priscilla’s family came together to discuss the situation when she left home was fantastic. That was a remarkable example of a close knit family working together when faced with difficulty.

There were a number of times that things that happened prior to the beginning of this book were discussed. I felt that many of them may have taken place in previous books about the King family.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through Celebrate Lit. I have chosen to write this review to express my personal opinion.

Disclaimer: *Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a copy of this book for free in the hope that I would mention/review it on my blog. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.*

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Third book in series!

Priscilla’s Escape by Diane Carver is the third story in The Bishop’s Daughters. Priscilla King is nineteen years old and has yet to join the Amish church. She loves to paint and has an opportunity to spend the summer in Florida which allow her to paint the ocean. Madison Wittenberg has offered Priscilla a job as nanny to her daughter while they spend the summer in Siesta Key. Priscilla wants to go, but her father is against the idea. He feels she is spending too much time painting and wishes her to quit for the summer. Amos King has a secret from his past that he has not shared with his family. When it comes out, it will surprise the family and explain his behavior. When Priscilla’s parents sabotage her job at the fabric store, she searches for a way to get to Florida. Stephen Hertzler is also unsure about being baptized and has purchased a car to enjoy during his rumspringa. He would prefer that Priscilla not go to Florida and worries that she will meet someone else while she is away. When Priscilla’s best friend, Hannah is needed in Pinecraft to help relatives with their bed and breakfast, Priscilla’s plan comes together. She sneaks out early one morning leaving a note behind for her family. Priscilla does not want to upset her parents, but she cannot pass up the opportunity to paint the ocean. What does the summer hold for Priscilla?

Priscilla’s Escape is nicely written with steady pacing and smooth transitions. I recommend reading the books in The Bishop’s Daughters series in order. I have not read the previous books and I felt I was missing important information. Characters and situations from the other books are mentioned in Priscilla’s Escape. We get to follow Priscilla and Stephen on a journey in Priscilla’s Escape. They both have important decisions to make about their futures. Once they are baptized, they are bound by the rules of their faith. It was nice to see them grow as individuals and in their faith. I enjoyed the descriptions of Pinecraft and Siesta key along with Priscilla’s artwork. Some of the Christian themes include pride, faith and the importance of prayer. There is scripture included that suits the various situations in the book. I like how Priscilla states her art is how she strives “to honor God” and how she feels close to Him while painting. I laughed when it was mentioned that in Florida caffeinated beverages are called soda and in Ohio they are called pop. People frequently corrected me when we first moved to Florida from Columbus, Ohio. Priscilla’s Escape has a heartwarming ending that wraps up the various storylines. There is a recipe for German pizza included. Priscilla’s Escape is perfect for younger audiences (the teens in your life). Priscilla’s Escape is a sweet, uplifting Amish romance.

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