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Private Eye Bestselling Mysteries Bundle contains three full length private detective novels: Dead in the Rose City, Murder in Honolulu, and Dead in Pukalani, plus a bonus short story, The Wrong End of a Gun.

Dead in the Rose City (A Dean Drake Mystery)

In this hard-boiled detective novel nothing is quite what it seems. Dean Jeremy Drake, nicknamed D.J., is a private investigator and ex-homicide detective for the Portland Police Bureau. He is six-five, hip, tough, armed with a .40 caliber Glock, and courts danger and romance with equal abandon. These qualities are put to the test when Drake is framed for murder in the midst of two seemingly unrelated cases. The more he investigates, the more he realizes they are intricately and dangerously connected. It literally becomes a life and death issue as Drake has to use all of his detective skills, and then some, to fit all the pieces together in a deadly, high stakes whodunit and why.

Murder in Honolulu (A Skye Delaney Mystery)

On the lush Hawaiian Island of Oahu in Honolulu, ex-cop turned PI and security consultant Skye Delaney investigates the death of ex-husband and former prosecutor turned businessman, Carter Delaney, after she finds him dead in her bathtub with an apparent suicide note stuffed in his mouth. The one thing she knows for sure is that her German Shepherd Ollie bit an intruder who happened to have AB negative blood, which is also Carter's blood type. Coincidence? He had hired her to learn if his new young wife was having an affair. Reluctantly taking on the case, Skye gets much more than she bargained for. As the bodies continue to pile up, Skye puts her neck on the line to find out the truth and nail a ruthless killer who has targeted her for death.

Dead in Pukalani (An Eddie Naku Maui Mystery)

Private investigator Eddie Naku is hired by attractive divorcee Kathryn Higuchi on Maui to investigate the murder of her sister, Suzette Higuchi-Bordeau, wife of a well-known criminal defense attorney. She was gunned down in the Upcountry region of Pukalani. What seems like a routine case for the ex-police detective turns into a complex murder mystery as Naku uncovers a web of lies, deceit, arms trafficking, infidelity, seduction, betrayal, and more murders as he tries to solve a deadly crime. In the process, he becomes a target and must identify the killer or killers before he winds up breathing his last breath and leaving life in paradise behind.

The Wrong End of a Gun, is a noir mystery short. When a man is seduced by a gorgeous blonde, his dream turns into a nightmare in which there may be no escape.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 4
R. Barri Flowers
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