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He's a heartbroken heartthrob. She's a fugitive fiance. Sparks fly when Julia flees...right into Colton.

He had me at hello. Months later, I’m fleeing the state with an engagement ring on my finger. John isn’t the one. What looks good on paper is ugly behind closed doors. My sister Liz doesn’t know about John, but she takes me in, with problems of her own. The night I help tend bar with Liz is when I meet Colton. Liz warns me about him. Says that he’s a hardened man. And he looks it, too. With his smouldering eyes and square shoulders, he’s a force to be reckoned with. But he notices me looking over my shoulder and teaches me a thing or two about men like John, and not in a way that I would expect.


Afghanistan changes a man in a way that nothing else can. Betrayal does the same. Mix the two and you get me. It’s like I wear a badge, marking my military background, and then they find out that I’m a Ford boy and suddenly I’m a piece of meat with dollar signs. But they can all drop dead, because a woman is the last thing that I want. I bounce at a bar strictly to protect my little brother. He plays in a band in this seedy joint, and I’m here to keep his nose clean in more ways than one. But then Liz brings her little sister Julia in one night to cover, and I realize that I’m not the only one with a sibling looking over their shoulder.

A suspenseful, steamy romance, with loads of family drama, Proceed with Caution has feel-good elements with heart-stopping, page-turning twists and angst.

September 20
Sandra Alex
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

redroc67 ,


This book was fun to read. The characters are all well written. I like them all but the crazy ex. The humor mixed with the romance made me laugh. Can’t say I anticipated what happened to the ex, but it fit the situation. Once I started reading I wanted to finish without stopping. A great read. Can’t wait to find out about the other four brothers.

ZoilaObregon ,

Romantic and heartwarming!

Surprisingly funny and heartwarming. The story makes a good point about what some people go through and helps to bring to conscious topics that we take for granted. It’s a good read and the best part that it fills in the different perspectives of each character. I really recommend it.

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