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Procreate Primer is an enhanced eBook about the basics of drawing and painting in the iPad app Procreate 4. 

This book contains 6 embedded videos, the size is 1 GB. When you download it do it over Wifi! Wait for the entire eBook to download before opening it. In this way, all the videos will be included.

The book is written by Dutch illustrator and animator Stefan de Groot. He makes video tutorials about drawing and painting in Procreate on his YouTube channel Stayf Draws.

In this eBook, you are going to learn the basics of Procreate 4. How to create a new Canvas, how to start sketching, smudging and erasing. How to choose your Colors and how to use the layers to create your artwork. Learn how to make selections of your artwork and transform it. And finally how to share your artwork. In this eBook, you are going to sketch and paint an image of a tree, using the new Wet Mix brushes. I draw and paint this image and take you through all the basic steps to create it. This eBook is set up in 6 chapters. Each chapter starts with a video. After that, you can read everything in the following pages.

Drawing is fun and practice makes perfect, doodles!


Arts & Entertainment
September 23
Creative Cave Publishers
Creative Cave

Customer Reviews

The Reluctant Critic ,

Adequate Primer

I can’t really recommend this book unless you are someone who absolutely refuses to read the manual or find the options on your own. Everything found here is freely available in the Procreate user manual. You learn by following Stayf as he draws a tree, clouds, and grass. And I can’t say he did a good job of that. This is NOT a primer with a good art lesson. Just draw the tree, clouds, and grass how you want. You’ll learn a little about layers, brushes, color selection options, the Select tool, the transform tool, and a little more. I’m trying to understand why these Procreate how-to eBooks are so expensive when they are so thin on content. You’re better off paying the same amount or less for an online class on Procreate, for which there are now many.

imagenfuentes ,

problen for vidio

the vidio problem

MIFKAP0751 ,

Pretty lightweight for the price

While the information is helpful, a: its basically a walkthrough of initial pages of the manual. I was through the book in about 30 minutes. For 9.95 I thought I would have something to refer to more.

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