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Winner of the USA Book News National Book Award for Best Nonfiction True Crime and Best Memoir/Autobiography

By the time he was thirteen, he already had attended thirteen funerals.
Abandoned by his mother, and with his father, "Mangy" Menginie—president of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, Philadelphia chapter—in jail, Anthony "LT" Menginie is raised inside the Pagans and inducted into a life of sex, violence, drugs, and organized crime.
In Mangy's absence, LT finds a father figure in the Saint, a club member who helps teach him the difference between the club members you respect…and those you fear. The author recounts the power struggles that occur when Mangy is released from jail and tries to resume his role as father and president. Soon all hell breaks loose when Mangy betrays the club by going over to the rival Hells Angels, helping to touch off the "Biker Wars" in Philadelphia. The chapter's new president grooms LT to one day confront his father for his treachery. Faced with an impossible decision, LT has to decide where his loyalties lie.
Prodigal Father, Pagan Son is a voyeuristic glimpse into the shocking and hypnotic underworld of notorious "one-percenter" biker clubs, hit men, drug dealers, and the other individuals who operate under no other rules than the "club code." But more than this, Menginie's story is the gritty and powerful true tale of surviving amid personal trials and tragedies, and of one man's determination to escape to a better life.

March 29
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Cyber_Grunt ,

Interesting Account of Life of Outlaw Bikers

Well written, informative, story about a sad life that made necessary changes so that he could live life.

Kane Ikaika ,

Wow! Great read.

I'm not sure what I expected but it wasn't what I expected? Brutally and honestly written. I knew nothing of this world but was entranced, fascinated, and disgusted all at the same time as I quickly turned each page. Excited to read more of Kerrie Droban's books.

Frank-Castle ,

Raw, dirty, and hardcore.

The writing is a little rough around the edges, but what a story...