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Read the following paragraph prior to purchase. This guide is not a game or instructions for one.

Prof. McDoo, PhD, Airbus MCDU e-Guide is a complex, technical document designed to enhance and supplement aircraft manuals for the Airbus aircraft for airline pilots who have or are anticipating attending their airlines training for qualification on the A319/320 aircraft.

Airline pilots around the world are familiar with the Impact INK Pilot Resource Store system guides. Now instead of printed guides, Impact has initiated our new line of e-pub guides for the iPad®.

All our guides are written by pilots, for pilots and recognized as the best supplemental training aids in the industry. Now, with the introduction of these e-guides that utilize multi-touch technology, this is information on steroids.

The latest advancements in e-pub formatting, including “multi-touch” technology have been included. For that reason, availability is exclusively for the iPad on the iBooktore® from Apple®. Multi-touch allows for a media rich interactive book - a must for every serious pilot.

As your check ride approaches, the Professor insures a smooth ride through the maze of the Airbus MCDU (Multifunction Control Display Unit) menus. Features in the guide are:

• High resolution graphics of applicable screens

• Step by step guidance through the programming acronym, DIFRIPS

• Meaning of color on the display

• Phases of Flight controlled by the MCDU

• Real life based reviews from questions used by airline standard captains

• One touch reveals the answer to the review questions

• Detailed displays of the PFD, ND or MCDU

• Detailed explanations of functions relating to navigation and flight

May 1
Impact Ink, LLC
Keith Godbey

Customer Reviews

Phugoid ,

Out of Date

Unfortunately this book is severely out of date, and is not a benefit to anyone without a time-machine. The book has only 3 chapters. Chapter one is 19 pages long, covering MCDU basics, and it is very basic. The meat of the book is chapter 2, which is really only 9 pages of information (pp31-pp39) . The information presented is no longer relevant. Airway intercepts and Intercepting radials are completely different now. Chapter 3 is a FAQ section, which covers the irrelevant information presented in chapter 2. If you are going to Airbus training, this book is NOT helpful and will be a hinderance to learning the updated methodologies.

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