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Five Bondage Erotica Stories

You know Jane Kemp for her explosive rough and reluctant erotica, and this collection won’t disappoint any of her fans in that regard. Bondage gangbangs, first anal sex while restrained, an outdoor orgy with wrists tied… the rough restraint is there in full force!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various bondage encounters. It includes office sex, rough first anal sex, g******g sex, double team sex, mfm threesome sex, rough double penetration, orgy sex, first lesbian sex, and more. It is intended for mature adults who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

1. DOMINIC AND GERALD COLLECT FROM MY ASS (Bondage and Double Penetration Ten Years Later)

A Rough MFM Threesome Sex Erotica Story

Caroline can’t believe when the two men show up at her office. She’s even more shocked when she realizes she knows them! Or…she knew them. She knew them back when she was in college, and she made an idle bet, and idle bet with a ten year time frame, and now they’re here to collect! It’s bondage, domination, rough first anal sex, and double penetration for this professional woman!

2. MY HUSBAND GETS BOTH ME AND NICOLE (My Best Friend Handcuffed for My Husband)

An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story with First Anal Sex

I wanted to spice up my marriage and our regular Thursday date night seemed to be the perfect opportunity. I went online to find some different ways to spice things up and my eyes immediately traveled to the word “threesome.” Could I be the kind of wife who did something like that? I called my best friend Nicole. If I did it, I’d want to do it with someone I trust. Wow! I never would have thought that my first kiss with her would dispel all my doubts. It wasn’t long before I was right in the middle of a ménage a trois complete with my first lesbian sex and my first anal sex! How did that happen to me when Nicole was the one in handcuffs?

3. ORGY IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS (Bound and Bent Over by My Friends)

A Group Sex Erotica Story with First Anal Sex

I ended up going on the camping trip even though I would have rather had a spa day. I needed to do something, though, because working long hours makes for a great career but not a great life. It wasn’t that bad, and there were definitely things I enjoyed like the campfire food and the relaxation, just hanging out in our bathing suits and watching the stars. Then everything changed. A couple kissed and then Greg kissed me and then Taryn was naked and then… well, then all hell broke loose! How? Well, right in the middle of it my hands were tied behind my back while I pleased two guys! Who knew camping was such hard work?

4. THE BOSS GIVES UP HER BACKDOOR (Bound and Bent Over by My Employee)

A First Anal Sex Erotica Story

Eric was…well, Eric was wonderful. There had been plenty of nights he’d filled my mind as I used my hands to bring myself to a thunderous climax. He was hot as hell, smart as a whip, and a hard worker to book. The only problem was he was my employee. Fortunately, that didn’t stop us, and one late night at the office we found ourselves unable to hold back. I didn’t expect things to go the way they did, though, and before long my wrists were bound behind my back and I was having my very first anal sex experience!

5. TIED TO THE BED AND TAKEN BY MY HUSBAND’S FRIENDS (Five Men, Nylon Ropes, and All Three of My Holes)
A Rough G******g Erotica Story

I thought it was just typical fantasy talk during a quickie, so when my husband said he should call his friends up to the bedroom to join in, I played along. Then, he did it! I stared in shock as they filed in and they stared in shock at my naked body. There was no way in hell my husband would really give me to his friends, right?

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October 8
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