Book 3 - Profile Series

Profile of Retribution

Book Three of the Profile Series

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Publisher Description

From USA Today bestselling author, Alexa Grace, comes the third book in her Profile Series: Profile of Retribution, a spine-tingling story of guilt, vengeance and regret.

The Dream

Bradley and Tisha Lucas had a mini-mansion in the country, a thriving architectural business, and two handsome, intelligent and athletic teenage sons.  They were living the dream, until the day their world imploded and they were thrust into a parent’s worst nightmare.

The Nightmare

Before they had a chance to grieve the untimely deaths of their seventeen-year-old twin boys, they learned the horrific truth. Like a headline ripped from the tabloids, their sons had systematically abducted, tortured, and murdered seven innocent young women.

The Retribution

For their parents, the nightmare didn’t stop after Evan and Devan Lucas snuffed out the lives of seven victims for fun.  It was just beginning.  At a support group, the families of the women murdered by the Lucas twins gather to tell their stories, share their anger and grief, as they move toward a new normal. 

For one member of the group, an obsession for payback drove his days and nights.  He pledged to make Bradley and Tisha Lucas pay for the crimes of their sons.  It was a pledge he was determined to keep.  He’d make them suffer, just as their sons’ victims had.  Those who spawn monsters shall be judged, shall be condemned. Retribution would be his.

Racing Against the Clock

It wasn't that Sgt. Cameron Chase didn’t have a suspect, he had too many of them. 

There were seven families who might want to harm the Lucas couple.  But which of them wanted the ultimate in retribution — to see them dead?

Don’t miss this fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat crime fiction thriller.  Profile of

Retribution will have your attention in its grips from page one until the end

May 27
Golden Publishing, L.L.C.
Golden Publishing, L.L.C.

Customer Reviews

SdsmithTX ,

The Best in Police procedure and mystery

Retribution is defined as,"punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act."

If you haven't read the Profile series, do it now and then read this book. Alexa Grace brings us into the world of police procedure and gives us a view of all of the people involved; from the victims, to the families, to the police and how they solve the mysteries. You will not be disappointed. From the way the story unfolds, to the characters, and the plot and timeline, it is a roller coaster ride of the emotional gamut. I love Alexa's writing style and the stories she writes.

How does a community already reeling from the murders committed by Jim Ryder survive the pain and suffering caused by the "Gamers" Evan and Devin? How are the families of their 7 victims going to get passed the loss of their loved ones? How will the mother and father of the 2 teenage boys known as the gamers ever recover and learn to live with the knowledge of what their children did to those girls? No one ever stops and considers how the parents are coping with the horror of what the children they gave life to and raised are going through, until now.

For the answers to those questions and more you must read "Profile of Retribution" by Alexa Grace!

Who is out for retribution and who are the targets and why? This book is a solid 5 star read!

Frog tie ,


Book #3 in the Profile Series by Alexa Grace brings us understanding behind what people can do to forgive, even if there hurting...Kindness that will overwhelm you when you least expect it..

This one blew me away...It was gripping, and heartbreaking for parents Bradley and Tisha..after what happened with there two sons, the pain they brought to so many..A nightmare like no other was brought to there front door. Warnings start showing up...a signature of someone who wants retribution The signs start small, and begin to escalate. Tisha feels like a prisoner in her own home.

Sergeant Cameron Chase is beside himself having to stir all those feelings the victims family went through. He's just doing his job. Problems really got stirred up, when his brother found out he would be questioning Kaitlyn...It had to be done, because Cameron couldn't play favorites...

The tension between Bradley and Tisha grew. What kind of parents could raise such monsters? They second guessed themselves. The whole town hated them..

It was a touching, terrifying book at times..So well written. This series just gets better and better..

If you have never read this series you should..The Profile Series by Alexa Grace is one of pure excitement, edge of your seat thrilling, try and get inside the mind of a serial killer...I promise you will enjoy.

JWReinhold ,

Compelling thriller!

This book begins after Profile of Terror and takes you into the minds and hearts of the victims families, the families that now have to learn how to go on after their loved ones are taken from them in such a horrific way. This book also looks at the other side of the does the family of the murderer manage and go on after learning that the ones they loved and though they knew were monsters?

Detective Cameron Chase has a responsibility to the people in the county he serves even if the people he is trying to protect are the parents of two serial killers and even if it makes the entire county and his own family upset with him, it is his job to find them justice and to protect them. Interviewing the family of victims is hard enough but someone is out for revenge......retribution.

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