Program Management Professional (PgMP) Handbook

A study guide for aspiring PgMP's and practicing program managers who want to maximize business benefits through successful program delivery

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Publisher Description

Deliver “Exceptional Business Value” aligned to “Organizational Strategy” through structured program management and stand out from the crowd by attaining the elite PgMP credential 

Programs are vehicles for organizations to realize their strategic objectives and goals. As the industry shifts from just delivery of projects and programs to a more value-driven and benefits-oriented model, program management acts as a key piece in the puzzle that allows organizations to extract the most business value & benefits from a group of related initiatives that are managed as one program. 

The biggest reason why strategic programs fail is due to the strategy execution gap, where the people executing the strategy don’t understand “Why” we are doing this or “Where” we are going with this. The Program Manager is a key role that bridges this strategy execution gap, who leads the program towards success by keeping the team focused on the end goals that are aligned to the organizational strategy and direction. 

This book will help you: 

• Understand the program management performance domains as per the Standard for Program Management by PMI 

• Overcome commonly faced challenges as a program manager, and successfully deliver benefits and business value 

• Support your organization’s pursuit of strategic objectives and goals through effective program management 

• Understand the PgMP exam syllabus & contents easily, with pictures, charts, and examples to aid learning 

• Submit the PgMP Application as well as prepare for the PgMP exam 

• Learn Tips & Tricks that will help you take the PgMP exam with confidence 

The demand for competent program managers who can help organizations achieve their strategic objectives is growing, and holding the PMI-PgMP credential helps you demonstrate strong subject matter knowledge & expertise in this area and become an invaluable asset to any organization.

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