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He walked out the back door carrying a tray of hamburgers. 6’2” of rock-hard muscle. All of a sudden, every nerve ending in my body lit up like a stick of dynamite. This energy-filled zing started at the top of my head and went straight to my toes – never missing a single part of my body. Holy hell!

She has the most sparkling green eyes I’ve ever seen, and I’m absolutely under her spell. I had to force myself to focus on the conversation that was happening around the table, and try not to think about the hard-on I was currently sporting, no thanks to the green-eyed devil sitting across from me. I’m screwed!

One violent event after another thrusts Sadey Collins directly into the protective arms of Chase Davis. He’s become her bodyguard, her protector, and the one man that has ever turned her brain to mush and her body into one giant electrical current. They both try their best to skirt around the physical attraction that is brewing between them, but a fiery kiss and an ice cream mishap is all it takes to send Chase and Sadey straight to the bedroom, where secrets are revealed and sex is taken to a new level.
Meanwhile, Sadey is trying to fix a client while trying not to let her heart get in the way, and unsuccessfully trying to ignore her own tensions with her father. From cases of abuse and neglect, to a family reconciliation, to the best sex of their lives, Chase and Sadey take on everything that life is throwing at them.

**This book is a steamier, more romantic version of Broken Promises, the first book in the CPS Novel series. Warning: it contains adult themes and language (plus a high dose of sarcasm and eye-rolling)**

February 1
Christy Wilson
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