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When it comes to promotion time we all are looking for an advantage. That advantage is here. This is the fresh and up to date advice of an active police manager that just completed the process for the highest civil service rank in the Baltimore Police Department.

This guide is not all of the theoretical information that you find in the guides that are out there, which are not written by real police and do not understand what really goes into the boards and what we really need to know. All of the fluff has been taken out, just the facts, the tricks, and guidance.

I only took the test once for each promotion and I am passing the lessons that I learned, good and bad, on to you. I go over what to expect from the oral boards, the mindset that you need, how you need to appear, and I provide the most extensive benchmarks for 21 scenarios. The scenarios are the true gem of this publication. No matter what level of policing you are on, these scenarios are sure to help you out, not just in testing but in practical application.

Step by step on what to do with a new shift or squad, how to handle various administrative, personnel, routine, and tactical situations. What do you do if you are left in charge and there is an active shooter that is barricaded? What do you do when you find out your officer was just involved in a domestic incident? What do you do when an EEOC incident occurs on your shift? I tell you step by step along with many more situations.

If you are in an agency that has oral boards in the promotional process or if you just want to be a better supervisor, this is for you.

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January 24
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